Crochet Baby Patterns

newborn baby bonnet crochet pattern

Crochet Newborn Baby Bonnet Pattern

Learn how to crochet a cute ribbed bonnet for a newborn baby (0-3 months old) with ties. Pattern + video.
two crochet baby booties arranged to mimic a baby step

Crochet Baby Booties (Socks) Pattern

Learn how to crochet cute booties for newborn babies (0-3 months old) and make them in a color of the gender reveal party. Pattern + video.
crochet turtleneck dickey pattern

Crochet Turtleneck Dickey Pattern

Learn how to crochet a warm and cozy turtleneck dickey of any size. Dickey featured in this pattern is done for a toddler but using a simpler formula you can rework it for an adult.
classic crochet ribbed baby hat

Classic Crochet Ribbed Baby Hat Pattern (Fisherman’s Rib)

Learn how to crochet a classic ribbed beanie for babies using Fisherman's rib. This hat is part of a crochet set that also includes a dickey.
crochet newborn baby beanie hat on the mannequin

Crochet Newborn Baby Hat Pattern

Learn how to crochet a newborn baby hat for a toddler of four months old baby. Pattern + video.
crochet ribbed newborn baby hat pattern

Crochet Ribbed Newborn Baby Hat Pattern

Learn how to crochet a ribbed beanie for a newborn baby (40 cm head circumference) and all calculations to change the hat size. Pattern + video.
crochet newborn baby hat pattern - 0-3 months

Newborn Baby Crochet Hat Pattern (0-3 Months)

Learn how to crochet a hat for the newborn baby, size 0-3 months. Choose your favourite yarn color and make a yarn pom to decorate it. Pattern + video.
ukrainian style crochet beanie for toddlers

Two-Color Crochet Toddler Beanie Pattern

Learn how to crochet a two-color beanie for toddlers in the Ukrainian style. Pattern + video tutorial.
two crochet socks for a newborn baby next to each other

Crochet Newborn Baby Socks Pattern

Learn how to crochet slipper socks for a newborn baby. Main part is made with white yarn while toes, heels and ribbing with bright red yarn.