Dozens of crochet hat patterns designed for any taste

A crochet hat is a popular handmade accessory that comes in a variety of styles, from beanies and slouchy hats to more elaborate designs with textured stitches and embellishments. Crochet hats provide warmth and protection in colder months and can also be used to complement an outfit or express personal style.

Crochet hats can be made in a range of colors and materials, from bulky wool to lightweight cotton. They can also be customized to fit any head size, making them the perfect gift for family and friends. Whether it’s a classic beanie or a more complex design, give it a try and enjoy wearing a handmade crochet hat.

classic beret crochet pattern

Crochet Classic Beret Pattern

Explore our classic crochet beret pattern, perfect for creating a stylish and timeless accessory. Ideal for crocheters of all skill levels, this pattern includes detailed instructions to help you craft a beautiful beret with ease.
newborn baby bonnet crochet pattern

Crochet Newborn Baby Bonnet Pattern

Learn how to crochet a cute ribbed bonnet for a newborn baby (0-3 months old) with ties. Pattern + video.
flat crochet men's ribbed hat pattern

Flat Crochet Men’s Ribbed Hat Pattern

Learn how to crochet a ribbed hat for men using Fisherman's rib. The hat is crocheted flat from side to side and then sewn together. Pattern + video.
crochet ribbed hat pattern for beginners

Crochet Ribbed Hat Pattern for Beginners

Learn how to crochet a simple ribbed hat that can be worn by both, men and women. Pattern + video.
classic crochet ribbed baby hat

Classic Crochet Ribbed Baby Hat Pattern (Fisherman’s Rib)

Learn how to crochet a classic ribbed beanie for babies using Fisherman's rib. This hat is part of a crochet set that also includes a dickey.
crochet newborn baby beanie hat on the mannequin

Crochet Newborn Baby Hat Pattern

Learn how to crochet a newborn baby hat for a toddler of four months old baby. Pattern + video.
crochet ribbed newborn baby hat pattern

Crochet Ribbed Newborn Baby Hat Pattern

Learn how to crochet a ribbed beanie for a newborn baby (40 cm head circumference) and all calculations to change the hat size. Pattern + video.
crochet puff stitch hat pattern for women

Crochet Puff Stitch Hat Pattern

Learn how to crochet flat hat for women using puff stitch - slouchy shape, and great design. Pattern + video tutorial.
crochet diamond hat with fur pom - left side view

Crochet Diamond Hat Pattern

Learn how to crochet a gorgeous hat for women with diamond pattern. Decorate it with a fur pom and get yourself a warm hat for winter season.
crochet newborn baby hat pattern - 0-3 months

Newborn Baby Crochet Hat Pattern (0-3 Months)

Learn how to crochet a hat for the newborn baby, size 0-3 months. Choose your favourite yarn color and make a yarn pom to decorate it. Pattern + video.
ukrainian style crochet beanie for toddlers

Two-Color Crochet Toddler Beanie Pattern

Learn how to crochet a two-color beanie for toddlers in the Ukrainian style. Pattern + video tutorial.
crochet beanie for women made with violet yarn

Crochet Beanie for Women Pattern

Learn how to crochet a beginner-level beanie for women using a soft yarn of violet color. Pattern + video tutorial.