Crochet Cords & Straps Patterns

chainsaw lace cord crochet pattern

Crochet Chainsaw Cord Pattern (Wide + Narrow)

Learn how to crochet a chainsaw lace cord in two widths - wide and narrow. Pattern + videos.
crochet cord pattern for beginners

Crochet Cord Pattern for Beginners

Learn how to crochet a beginner-level cord with one row only. This cord can be used a top strap, decor belt or anything else you have in mind. Pattern + video.
crochet one row cord strap pattern

Crochet One Row Cord Strap Pattern

Let's learn how to crochet a very simple one-row strap that can serve as a top strap, bag handle, or bookmark. Pattern + video.
crochet cord belt pattern
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Crochet O-Rings Belt Pattern

Learn how to crochet a stylish belt for your dress that features multiple o-rings chained in a beautiful motif. Pattern + video tutorial.