Crochet Decor Patterns

crochet mini flower pattern

Crochet Mini Flower Pattern

Craft delicate beauty with our mini crochet flower pattern. Perfect for embellishing any project. Start stitching now!
triple-layer flower crochet pattern

Crochet Triple-Layer Flower Pattern

Discover the elegance of crochet with our exquisite triple-layer flower pattern. Create stunning floral motifs perfect for embellishing accessories, home decor, and more. Elevate your crafting skills with this intricate design today!
crochet flower bells pattern

Crochet Flower Bells Pattern

Learn how to crochet and assemble a pair of flower bells and a leaf into a beautiful decor item. Pattern + video.
crochet Easter tulip egg holder pattern

Crochet Easter Tulip Egg Holder Pattern

Learn how to crochet a tulip-like holder for an upcoming Easter and create a crochet-style egg hunt. Pattern + video.
Easter bunny egg holder crochet pattern

Crochet Easter Bunny Egg Holder Pattern

Learn how to crochet an Easter-style bunny egg holder with funny ears, short legs, and a fluffy tail.
decor flower crochet pattern

Crochet Decor Flower Pattern

Learn how to crochet an exquisite flower as a decor element, make mini earrings using it or do it just for fun. Pattern + video.
lace heart coaster crochet pattern

Crochet Lace Heart Coaster Pattern for St. Valentines Day

Learn how to crochet a lace heart coaster for the upcoming St. Valentine's Day. Pattern + video.
crochet lace snowflake pattern

Crochet Lace Snowflake Pattern

Learn how to crochet a lace-style snowflake and make a variety of them before the upcoming Christmas holidays. Pattern + video.
crochet five-point star made with yellow yarn

Crochet 5 Point Star Pattern

Learn how to crochet a solid five-point star that can be used as an ornament or decor for a bigger project. Pattern + video tutorial.
Christmas crochet star pattern

Crochet Christmas Star Pattern

Learn how to crochet a star ornament for the upcoming Christmas holidays and decorate your place with beautiful decor stars. Pattern + video.
chainsaw lace cord crochet pattern

Crochet Chainsaw Cord Pattern (Wide + Narrow)

Learn how to crochet a chainsaw lace cord in two widths - wide and narrow. Pattern + videos.
three crochet autumn fall leaves arrangement made with one brown, one yellow, and one green leaf

Crochet Fall (Autumn) Leaf Pattern

Learn how to crochet a fall-inspired leaf with a midrib and petiole in various colors. I made mine using brown, yellow, and green yarn. Pattern + video.