Crochet Decor Patterns

crochet lace bookmark pattern

Crochet Lace Bookmark Pattern

Let's learn today how to crochet a vintage-style large lace bookmark. Its lightweight, unique design makes it a perfect gift for your loved ones.
easy crochet cross pattern

Crochet Easter Cross Pattern

Learn how to crochet an easy cross that can be done within an hour. Add a tassel and turn it into a bookmark for your Bible. Pattern +video.
crochet phone bag pattern

Crochet Smartphone Bag (Case) Pattern

Learn how to crochet a pouch-free phone bag (case) with a long handle. It's an excellent gift or accessory for summer time. Pattern + video.
crochet violet peony flower pattern

Crochet Peony Flower Pattern

Learn how to crochet a bulky-style peony flower and make it a decor element of the hat, summer wrath or a cushion. Pattern + video.
crochet heart amigurumi pattern

Crochet Heart Amigurumi Pattern

Learn how to crochet a heart amigurumi with a beautiful trim around it. Make a couple of these hearts and use them as decor elements for St. Valentine's Day.
crochet petunia flower coaster
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Crochet Petunia Flower Coaster Pattern (Spiral Shape)

Learn how to crochet a petunia flower coaster that has a spiral shape. Pattern + video.
crochet bow free pattern

Easy Crochet Bow Pattern

Learn how to crochet an easy hair bow and make a set for yourself, your friends, and your relatives. Pattern + video.
crochet camelia flower coaster pattern

Crochet Camellia Flower Coaster Pattern (Popcorn Stitch)

Learn how to crochet a coaster that reminds me a camellia flower using popcorn stitch. Pattern + video tutorial.
crochet hair bow pattern for beginners

Crochet Hair Bow Pattern for Beginners

Learn how to crochet a set of six butterfly-like hair bows made in different colors. It's an easy-to-follow pattern for beginner-level crocheters.
crochet round coaster pattern with hearts

Crochet Round Coaster with Hearts Pattern

Learn how to crochet a round coaster with an edge made of mini hearts joined together. Pattern + video tutorial.
crochet coaster pattern with decor hearts on the edge

Crochet Coaster Pattern with Decor Hearts

Learn how to crochet a circular shaped coaster with decor hearts attached to the edge and make a nice gift for Valentine's Day. Pattern + video.
crochet flower coaster pattern

Crochet Flower Coaster Pattern

Learn how to crochet a bi-colour flower coaster and have a nice DIY pad for your coffee cup. Pattern + video tutorial.