Crochet One Row Cord Strap Pattern

crochet one row cord strap pattern

Crochet materials and tools:

<> Crochet hook 3 mm

<> Yarn Art, Jeans (2), 55% Cotton 45% – polyacrylic yarn.

Common abbreviations of crochet stitches (US):

ch – chain

sl st – slip stitch

DC – double crochet

yo – yarn over

sl st – slip stitch

3 DC cluster – *yo, insert the hook into the ch-2 space, yo and pull up a loop, yo and pull through two loops – repeat from * 3 times. When you have four loops on your hook, yo and pull through all four loops to complete this cluster stitch.

three crochet cord strap made in different yarn color - white, red, and blue

One-row cord strap crochet pattern:

Chain 5. Join with sl st in 1st ch to form a circle.

Ch 3 (count it as the first DC of the next cluster stitch), 3 DC cluster in a circle, ch 2, 3 DC cluster in the circle. *Turn your work counter clockwise, sl st in ch-2 space, Ch 3, (count it as first DC of next cluster stitch), 3 DC cluster in ch-2 space, ch 2, 3 DC cluster in ch-2 space. Repeat from * until you reach the desired length.

three crochet one-row cord straps

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